The 4-2-3-1 is like 5-4-1 counter-attacking abilities, but do not arise so many counter and one is dependent not only on the counterattack. However, the counter only arise after losing possession of an attacker. In this tactic the counter aces make only limited sense. Here it is better if you interpret the tactics Playmaker (P) in conjunction with attacker Counter Ace (AC) or Crossing Specialist (CS) in conjunction with Hesder Specialist (HE). Of course, mixtures of P, attacker AC, CS and HE are possible in all variants.


  • is defensive rather stable, but also plays well to the front 
  • effective against 3 attacker, for example, 4-3-3 
  • has advantage 5-4-1 and 4-2-4 
  • counter-attack whenever


  • problems against 3-4-3, which this hardly allows counterattack, but also against 4-4-2

Use of specialists:


As an attacker, the AC and the the HE can be used.

Offensive Midfield

Here there are CR on the outer positions. Central should be a KO or P play. P on exterior are also possible, but they play there less deadly pass than on the central position. Who plays with attacker AC and who headed goals are not so very important, can set up 3 OM P.

Defence Midfield

Who plays with attacker AC, can here a DM P use, otherwise set a DM HE.

Wing Back:

Here are 2 CR meaningful or kept to play with 2 CB HE an WB Man-to-Man (MA) on.

Centre Back:

Here HE and MA can stand, or kept on 2 HE.

reference Edit

The use of the specialists listed here is no guarantee of success! It will be shown that specialists on which Positon are useful and also partly as an example or approach used for your own tests. To test you can not miss as aspiring managers.