The 4-2-4 is the most offensive tactics. It is also the most unrealistic tactic and thus hardly playable. Try your luck with that, but you should not promise so much to you.


  • very well against 3-4-3 
  • high shooting power


  • problems against defensive tactics like 5-4-1 
  • very counter-Prone

Use of specialists:


As a central attacher 2 Header Specialist (HE) can be used, but also a Crossing Specialist (CR) crosses centrally. However, CR on the wings make more sense and can be used there as OM or sttacker.

Offensive Midfield

Here, AC, HE or P offer.

Defence Midfield

Who plays with attacker AC, can here a DM P use, otherwise set a DM HE.

Wing Back:

Here are 2 CA meaningful or kept to play with 2 CB HE an WB Man-to-Man (MA) on.

Centre Back:

Here HE and MA can stand, or kept on 2 HE.

reference Edit

The use of the specialists listed here is no guarantee of success! It will be shown that specialists on which Positon are useful and also partly as an example or approach used for your own tests. To test you can not miss as aspiring managers.