Capital building for beginners Edit

Before you put some specialists in your team you have to build a basis. That means, raise your prestige and construct your infrastructure. Some help you get if you visit your office. You get in the first 30 days a check with 250.000 Kio-Dollar for nothing, just as start help. Use the cups which are thought for beginners and protected from professionel players. For example the Junior Cup and the Amateur Cup C. A team strange of over 50 we don't recommend for teams under 2000 prestige, because the salary costs get higher with the players strange. If the salary of your team Whether the content of your squad is the revenue at the games properly, you can see by clicking on the "bank statement" option in the game.

A very good option to generate the money for the first infrastructure are friendship games. The best chance to get a lot of money is the area "free for all". There you have to play outwards, because you have a high chance to get a strong player with a big stadium. With this option you can make a lot of money. A little drop of bitterness: You get a lot of high Losses against these teams, but that is no problem, because the income in this games comfort. :-)

Invest this money (look Getting started) in the extension of your venues, for example the hotdog stands and beer shacks. So you create the basis for better income with home games. With increasing prestige your gate receipts, your additional income of merchandise (Fanshop) and your feeding stations (hotdog stands, beer shacks) get higher. Because of that your construction of Prestige and a good infrastrucutre is in the foreground. Attention: Have a look of your weekly costs, because every improvement of your infrastrucute have a weekly maintenance, to be paid every sunday morning (Co-Trainer, fitness coach, beer shacks, fanshop, hotdog stands, academy and so on).