Clans are communities of teams that can be established from the October 2015 update directly in the game.

Clan rules

  1. The Clan Founder founded the clan with a clan founding item that is available in the Ruby Shop. He gives a name, a description (could contain smileys etc, we also recommend there to formulate any entry conditions - maximum length is 255 characters), and the Clantag that appears automatically in all members in a team name and on the Coat of Arms / jersey. The Clantag must be 3, 4 or 5 characters long. Space before and after do not count, they will automatically be inserted between symbol and team name. Clantag must be clearly identifiable as such. Ludetis checks the entries and then turns off the Clan normally within 24 hours free (at the weekend it may take longer). The usual rules for essays on the Internet. Ludetis reserves the right to reject the communities founded because of unacceptable data. In the case of the founding Item is not refundable. The clan founder have to set a kik name so that everyone can contact him.
  2. As soon as the clan will be created in the database, are any existing shortcuts away from all team names, so there is no "accidental" clan member.
  3. Each team may submit an application for membership on the clan in the game list. This appears as a message to the founder, who can accept the request to take the team immediately in the clan. Each team can only be a member of a clan, anytime exit again with a button in the game. Membership Application and exit are free and require no Items.
  4. The maximal Clan size are 50 teams.
  5. The founder has access to the browser-based management clan. He can edit the description, can provide the Clantag the end of the team name, or upload your own image (PNG with transparency, square, recommended resolution 200x200 pixels). In addition, the clan color can be changed. This will initially be used only for the inking of the standard clan flag if no own image has been uploaded. Changes are checked by Ludetis.
  6. To exclude a member of a clan, or to transfer the founder status to another clan member, the founders must inform the community manager.
  7. The Clan Prestige is for each current season the average of the relevant successes for the teams. The total score will be divided by the maximum size of the clan during the season. Clans score points for each won tournament or league which started after the clan was founded as follows: Championship 50 points, Galaxy Cup 75, Universe Cup 75, Clan Cup 10, Regional Cups 5, all other tournaments excluding Bot Cups 1 point. The clan prestige of clans with only one member (the founder) is always zero.
  8. Ludetis reserves the right to inactive (ie all members inactive) or "One Member Clans" after some time to delete.