Who does not want to wait long for success, should take into account the following article and avoid the typical " rookie mistakes ".

At the beginning of your career manager you should not attach great importance to the Q ( quality, strength ) make your team and what tactics is probably the best . In the foreground are for the time being , the structure of your club facilities and capital gain to effectively put together a team that brings success and prestige and ye can thereby have a good time .

Construction of the infrastructureEdit

The next larger building requires of course the smaller earlier.

small office - requires 50 prestige

large office - requires 500 prestige

magnificent office - requires 1000 prestige

Villa - requires magnificent office 

Airport - requires magnificent office 

Stadium 2 (Province Stadium )

Stadium 3 (Suburb Stadium ) - requires small office

Stadium 4 ( cauldron ) - requires park

Stadium 5 (Arena) - requires large car park

small fanshop

medium fanshop - requires small office

large fanshop - requires large office and suburban stadium

small beerstand

medium beerstand - requires small office and 5 small Biestände

great beerstand - 5 medium beer stalls , large office and suburban stadium

small hot dog stand

average hotdog stand - small office and 5 small hot dog stands

large hotdog stand - 5 medium hot dog stands and suburban stadium 

small restaurant - requires 5 large beer stalls, 5 large hot dog stands and cauldron

great restaurant - requires large office and Arena ,

Parking - require small office

Academy - requires small office

Training Center - requires small office

Great Training Center - requires large office

Which buildings are needed and which are not?Edit

Your required at no magnificent office, Airport and Villa. The money can you save here led you and invest in other buildings or later in your team.

In order to increase your income you should  to expand he stadium, the beerstands, hot dog stands and fanshops.

The most important building at the beginning is the Academy , which introduces you with daily visit valuable talent points. These can upgrade your contracts and make them to money.

The restaurants are not as important as they bring hardly noticeable profit.

The training centers are important to train players purchased or redeemed contracts in players and improve. The large training center brings a very low probability forth specialists from normal players.

The teamEdit

Advisable is your selected team to retain and maintain the Q. At the beginning it is advisable to play many friendly games away.

Once you have all the recommended building, you can inform yourself about tactics and play cups.