The tactics decides the long run, who is successful in KiO and plays for titles. Therefore, all tactics are here following lists and explains exactly how to use them best.

Click just want to tactics on you more detailed information:

3-5-2 (defensive control - paper)

3-4-3 (defensive control - paper)

4-3-3 (offensive - scissors)

4-4-2 (offensive - scissors)

4-2-4 (unconditional offensive - scissors)

5-4-1 (total defensive and counter - rock)

4-2-3-1 (defensive, control and counter - rock)

In goal, for every formation the cat (CA) is the best choice, so it is not listed explicitly in the tactics with.

What beats what? Our rock-scissors-paper-principleEdit

Rock beats scissors.

Scissors beats paper.

Paper beats rock.

Rock: 541, 4231

Scissors: 442, 433, 424

Paper: 352, 343

IMPORTANT: Playing the right rock-scissors-paper counter attack is NOT a guarantee to win. For example, if you play against a very weak team, you should always play an offensive scissors formation to generate enough goal shots. Imagine Real Madrid playing FC Gütersloh. Gütersloh of course plays 541. So what would Real play? Right. 442 or 433. Nothing else.

The rock scissors paper principle is optimized for platinum teams. In strength regions below, it's not that important. Good specialist setups and overall higher team strength are more important there.

Counter - general rules Edit

  1. Players who are at the front, can cause counterattack. 
  2. The counter-susceptibility depends on the tactics (3-5-2 for example, has a low sensitivity).
  3. The counter-probability depends on the opponent's tactics from (5-4-1 for example, has a high probability) .
  4. Counter-Aces can conclude counterattack with shots increased shooting power. 
  5. The incidence of Counter depends on the Score from (case of a tie, the probability is the highest). 

Specialists rating Edit

This value ranges between 0 and 5, and is dependent on how the tactic is set up with specialists. The higher the rating specialists, the better the specialists are used to their positions. 

However, it is not necessarily the case that a special site rating 5 represents the absolute best lineup for the respective tactic and no guarantee victory. 

For a specialist in platinum rating ranging from 0 to 2 can be assumed that the opponent plays with many superstitious players or average players. Most here is superior to a specialists rating of 3-5. This of course also depends on the quality (Q). 

In the range below Q90, there are also an increasing downward gradation of rating specialists. So it may be that a list with Q70 team 1-2 specialists rating points less than the identical lineup with Q95.

Possession of the ballEdit

Possession of the ball is not a negligible factor because who often has the ball, can develop more opportunities. The possession in KiO is based solely on the number of midfielders. 

A ball (with the same Q) of 50:50 with a small deviation means that both teams have the same number of midfielders. If the player has set a more of a team, then sees the ball about 53:47 and about 56:44 when two players more. These values ​​can of course vary from game to game by 1%.

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